Saturday, September 12, 2009

Party to start and end the day!

I am sharing 2 different outfits today!

The day started with a 5k...the James Page Blubber Run. It is a celebration more than it is a 5k!
The celebration? This is a brewery! Beer! and FUN! They have a costume contest as well as the run...not wanting to be total lame asses...we quickly came up with some ideas! We ran well for a couple of "people our age".

I chose to wear a nightie, and was properly dressed for the run underneath. My chief photographer? He wore one of my running skirts. We were TAME compared to some of the ensembles put together out there today! There were beer bottles and cans, dice ( a set of all 6 numbers) evening gowns, wedding gowns, drag queens, and a slew of "you had to see it to believe it" outfits!

We had a dinner party this evening. A friend of ours was getting married in Maryland, and we could not make it to the wedding. We celebrated here in her honor, and raised a glass (or two) to celebrate. Crab legs, corn bread, salad and veggies as well as a decadent dessert of Peanut butter chocolate gooey cake! Good thing I ran a 5k this morning! (BTW - the 5k barely touches the calories from dinner - ugh!)

This morning's stellar running ensemble was brought to you courtesy of Target... the nightie was at least! Sports bra - Sam's Club a while ago, running shorts, Sports Authority! Running shoes - Lady's Foot Locker. Legs - Chasing Ben running and biking!

This evening's party gear! Shorts were on sale from Gap at the beginning of the summer. I fell for the size 2 tag...the top is from one of my favorite little boutiques in know, the one that carries the Naughty Monkeys! We were going to be messy with crab legs, and I did not need anything fussy to deal with!

No Poll today, rather a question...If you had to come up with a costume for the run, what would you do?

Hope your Saturday was great! I need to get to bed!



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  1. I think I would wear a toilet seat as a halo. Beer and toilets somehow go together in my memory!
    Love the "party" ensemble!