Friday, September 25, 2009

A Madden-ing Friday!


A very late post for a Friday evening! It is 10:30 here in Minnesota. My peeps Erika, Gretchen and I are up in Duluth, MN at The Ellery House. It is a lovely little B&B that Ben and I stayed at last year. Check out the yummy eats on the menu for us!

The late post is due to miserable traffic and getting lost in the dark once we got to Duluth. I was quite pleased that the Ellery House does have free wi-fi!

Today was Casual Friday!

Does anyone else go through what I do in the morning? I walked into the closet, grabbed a pair of jeans, thought they were meh, but tried it with a top anyways. Went in search of a different top, tried it, and decided that it might look better with a different pair of jeans. Changed the jeans, didn't like them, decided that maybe a different top would work. Not so much! Finally decided to ditch all the jeans and grab a pair of matchstick cords in Kelly green that I got from JCrew last winter. Ahhh. Much better! If you hate these, it could be a problem because I have the same pair in hot pink!

The top was a purchase from Target last year. Nothing fancy, but comfy and casual.

I am wearing 2 strands of beaded necklace today. I must be in a bead mood because Karyn is torturing me with a new website that I cannot buy from! Check out Etsy! I got these a long time ago from American Eagle. They are fun and brighten up a black top.

The Madden-ing part of my Friday? Not the traffic or the rain, silly, my shoes!

Dear Steve -
You have redeemed yourself! No squeeking here!
Love, Kel

These shoes are , well, a tad bit dominatrix, but quite comfy! They are Steve Maddens that I got last year at DSW. I went to DSW in search of new black boots, and found these. Anyways, I do love them for the somewhat trampy/vixen look. You should see them with this denim pencil skirt I have!

I have an item that got away to share with you today! My sweet Ben came downtown to take me to lunch today. Afterwards, he walked me back to my office. We decided that a trip throughcthe shoe department at Off Saks would be a good idea. LOL!

Aren't these precious? The price tag was frightening - $129.99. There was a time my friends!
I decided today that I will keep track of how much money I have not spent. It may make me feel better after a year. If I can figure out some fancy blog tool, I will keep a running tab posted. So far, there was $28 not spent at Target, $49.99 at Marshalls and this $129.99...add it up, round it up, $208 saved so far! Not too shabby!

This tired girl needs to get some sleep. Tomorrow's ensemble might be interesting! After the wardrobe changes this morning, I kind of just threw a couple pair of jeans and a few tops in the suitcase!

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Thanks for checking in!




  1. I'm sorry to say it, but these are the first pair of shoes I don't like. I feel really really sad inside. :( I love the ones that you didn't buy...makes me even more sad. BUT! I do like those quirky cords. I'd never wear color in my pants, but you can do it. Right now I think there is waaaay too much of me to be sportin' green.

    On a side note, I thought of you today while out shopping. I actually bought some shoes! And a pair of jeans. I looked them up online and retail they are selling for $140, I got them for $55 at this second hand shop that only buys labels. Let's see, what was the name again...Salt Works (?). I didn't even pick them up to try on, because of the price, even though they had never been worn. I could tell from the denim that they were nice jeans. WELL, as I was trying to scoot them away from me, the hangar BROKE! I had to take them up to the register and thought, "What the heck! I'll try them on." Ugh. I have a fashion question for you too. I will have to send you a photo. I'd like to know if I can wear a cerain pair of jeans with a certain pair of shoes. I need to know it looks good together and doesn't break any rules or anything. :o)

  2. Are you telling us that you've just learned about Etsy? Where have you been? My sister has an Etsy shop...she makes Jewelry!! I know, torture for you.

    The shoes are rockin' and should stay (but they're not good with the green cords).

  3. Kel, I love the green pants and black top and of course the beaded necklace!!! I wish the red shoes were yours; I'm kind of meh on the black ones, too. But the fact that you can sashay around in these high heels is amazing to me!!!

    OK off to the parade!