Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, the stories!

I was talking to some friends at work today...Hi Patty! Hi Sue!

Now that they are part of the blog crowd, they asked for the story about this outfit before it was posted.

I talked a little about the dress. It was an eBay purchase from last year. Sue said she had not seen it before. I think I have worn it twice. It was listed as a "designer" but I have never heard of the designer, so I can't share it with you...I like the dress, but I am wondering if I don't need to have it taken it a bit. I was heavier when I bought it last year. It fit like a glove then; now, not so much! I will let you decide.

Now, these shoes...that is where the stories could be shared. The memories go far beyond when and where they were purchased (Saks, 4 years ago); the fact that they were "free" to me is one of the stories. Having been a loyal American Express user, I was able to use rewards to get a Saks gift certificate. That may have been the last time I attempted to not spend money on clothes! I went to Saks intending to spend the money on something memorable. I remember trying on a lot of different clothes and shoes that day. I just could not decide.

I went back a few days later, and knew it was these shoes I wanted. Thank goodness they still had my size; you don't find a 10 every day! I love that these shoes are really 2 different shoes. The pattern on each is different. They are Isaac (as in Mizrahi, and not the Tgt brand). They are quite comfy with their rounded toe. Because they are unique, I do not wear them often. They are too "memorable" and to a certain extent, irreplaceable. When I was talking with Patty and Sue, I remembered the day of the purchase; I had gone to lunch with my now ex-husband. We went to California Pizza Kitchen, and I had a pear gorgonzola salad and a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio. The afternoon was uncomfortable; I think the shoes were designed to cheer me up.
A lot of memories can come flooding back from a pair of shoes! Just as a scent can take you back, shoes take me back! Not always to places I would like to be! I do love these shoes anyways!

The necklace is from Francescas that I talked about last week. I think the only time I have worn it has been with this dress...the next time you see the dress, if it is seen again this year, I have to wear a different necklace. Now, that will be hard!

I mentioned my friend Sue. She is a wonderfully jewelry artist; she makes some beautiful things! She shared some new items last week. I had to resist any purchases for myself, but did manage a gift or two. I will have to feature some "Enchanted Designs by Sue" in the upcoming weeks! You can see how nice her things are for yourself at enchanteddesignsbysue.com.

Off to finish up a few chores for the night, and then I need to get to bed early. I slept terribly the last 2 nights, and hopefully I am so tired that I will sleep tonight!

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  1. Love the shoes and the necklace - the dress, not so much. It just doesn't say "Kel" to me. I vote Goodwill. I would have been swayed if you'd said you just loved this dress with all your heart, but you didn't. :)

    Thanks for the website for your friend's jewelry!! I'm going to check it out right now.

  2. I think seeing the dress in pics helps me makes the decisions too Karyn! I really do appreciate everyone's feedback!

  3. Hi Kel, I'm sorry but I am gonna have to agree with Karen. I saw this before anyone had posted anything and I really did not have the words to tell you "GW." I love the shoes and the jewelry but the dress,... it could be that perhaps like you said it may need to be taken in, however it just does not appear as youthful as you and the rest of your outfits are..... :(

    BTW: So far this is the first one I vote to go to "GW".