Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Rainy Day here in Minnesota...

I am fairly certain that work on the Ark has begun...enough about the weather...oh, wait, one more weather comment! They dared to say the S word for this weekend. Yes, you read that right...S...N...O...W. I live here why???

Because the front porch was in the middle of getting pelted this morning, it called for an afternoon "action" shot. Ben was not only my art director, but he was my driver today too. To the passersby, he most likely appeared to be my stalker as well! As I walked out of my building today he was taking my picture. You can see I am the bag lady everyday; today was only my purse and my Trader Joe's bag that I have been using to tote my snacks and lunch. Fortunately I did not have my laptop bag with me!

This dress is old. I purchased it in November '04. I have vivid memories of this purchase. I lived in Illinois, yet I was in Minnesota for work. I was staying in Edina at a Residence Inn that provided shuttle service to the local mall. I was still losing weight at this point, and I took advantage of any and every opportunity to shop!

This dress is from Banana Republic. I was giddy making the purchase. I had bought suits and such in my new size but I had not purchased a dress. I loved this. I was going to be attending a conference in San Diego and I needed business casual clothes. I paired this dress with brown suede boots on it first outing; I resisted the temptation to wear it with my brown boots today.

The shoes are a brown/copper pump purchased on clearance at Macy's 2 years ago. They are meh. Comfortable? Yes. Sexy and stylish? Not so much!

I chose a chunky silver chain from QVC by designer Judith Ripka. Big necklace, small earrings.

As I look at these pictures, other than my Radley Bag and the necklace, my favorite thing is my Trader Joe's bag. Poor Ben has spent the last hour telling me that the camera angle is doing funny things in this picture. I am convinced that this dress MMLF. You decide!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the honest assessments you all provide! Please vote at the bottom of the page!

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  1. This dress does not do your rockin' body justice Kel! I'm not too fond of the color, the pattern, sleeves and tie-around thing either.

  2. I'm with carrie on this one that dress has got to go!

  3. OMG, I thought you were going to say this was a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress. I love this dress!! I used to have a DVF wrap dress and adored wearing it. I think it is just the camera angle; I seriously doubt you have a roll of flab under your left boob. :) I love the pattern and color - this dress is very Karyn. :) I can't wait to go shopping with you in the future!!

  4. Carrie - FYI a wrap dress would look great on you! Have you ever tried one on?

  5. Hey thanks Karyn! I'm don't think I have. I need to broaden my fashion horizons! Kel is inpiring me!

  6. Hmmm...not crazy about this one.