Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like...

Okay, I won't spend the next 26 days using Christmas Carols as blog titles! I promise!

I have worn this skirt before. Standing in my closet this morning, I thought "I can't wear that again." Who says? This is not the same ensemble!! Go look, I will wait.

Different tights, a sweater set and different accessories. Ta da!

You can go back to read the skirt story.

The sweater set is 2 years old. It is from Target, and the Isaac Mizrahi for Target line. I miss Isaac, even if I am not buying clothes. I have this same sweater set in black. It is cashmere, and cost a fraction of what it would have cost at a major department store or one of my trendier retailers. Sorry for the Target ad here, but seriously! I love Cashmere, but I do not love the price. I hate when someone advertises cashmere at a great price, and then it is a lightweight piece of nothingness. I love cashmere from JCrew; I have only been able to fondle it in the store. This has weight to it. Thus my love for it! My point? Wait, do I have one? Yes I do. You do not always have to shop at Banana Republic, JCrew, etc. You CAN find high quality elsewhere.

My tights are from Heartbreakers. I liked the funky pattern on them. I hesitated to wear them today because the last time I wore them they hurt. Yes, tights that hurt. It was the shoes I wore them with. I have no issues with the boots. Okay, not true. I did have an issue at one point today when apparently after a trip to the ladies room I did not pull them up correctly. They pinched me!

As you can see, the Christmas decorations are not up yet completely at work. These are in the City Center lobby. I just liked the dark green color as a background to my ensemble.

A pie update from yesterday? Delicious! Bake it, you will not be disappointed.

I am giving the people the power to vote again!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Oooh....LOVE this! Those tights give it such a sexy kick - looking good Kel!

  2. No, that isn't Dylan - it's susano...the kid is taking OVER I tell you! Jeez, I don't want my 9 year old telling anyone their tights make them sexy...yikes!