Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ColdStone, Anyone?

Ben and I set off for the car this afternoon; our picture location for today was yet to be established.

I could smell the cookies from Mrs. Fields baking as we approached this part of the skyway. The aroma was mouthwatering! I was tempted to stop and stare at the cookies, but was distracted by the ColdStone Creamery sign in the distance.

I do love ColdStone; we got an ice cream cake for my youngest son's birthday this past July. When you plan for it in your day, it is delicious!

Enough about ice cream! I am drooling here! On to the clothes!

Had I gotten ice cream it would have been birthday cake ice cream with graham crackers and strawberries...oh, sorry, I was lost in fantasy!

You would have thought with today's ensemble I would have chosen pistachios to be included! That is the color of today's cardigan choice. This cardigan was purchased at J.Crew after the Christmas holiday this last year. Honestly, if you need new clothes, keep an eye out after the holidays for a sale at J.Crew. Go straight for the sale racks. 30% off of the sale price can get you a sweater like this for $19.99. I am not kidding! I love the "bling" on the buttons. It is just enough sparkle!

The skirt is from Macy's 3 years ago. It is some brand, which escapes me at the moment; I guess the brand had little impact on me! It was another sale purchase, and another time that I was a sucker because the size was smaller than I would normally wear. Vanity sizing; it is the enemy of those trying to save money! It is a fine corduroy. I could not wear it a year ago as well, there was too much junk in the trunk! Junk being the operative word!

A t-shirt cami from the Gap outlet completes the look.

No boots or tights today; yup, I shaved my legs! I went with my simple black Steve Madden pumps.

I wore marcasite line earrings that are about 4 years old. I cannot remember when I wore them last. Honestly, I do have a good memory! It has been that long since I wore them last!

I like my outfit today; I hope you feel the same!

Thanks for checking in! Hmmm, I think I have some mint chocolate chip in the freezer...




  1. Kel-you are totally ROCKING that skirt! Love the color of the sweater too.

  2. I don't know if it's the color choice of your sweater or how well everything hugs your shape, but this outfit just screams, "I am so put together!"

    (And my favorite flavor is by far strawberry ice cream with oreos mixed in.)

  3. I have successfully avoided Cold Stone ever since they moved in next to my local Dress Barn and Starbucks. Please do not ever say the words birthday cake ice cream to me again. It sounds too divine.

    This outfit is really pretty. I love the sweater and green is my favorite color. The skirt is corduroy? I'm finally willing to wear corduroy again now that my thighs won't catch on fire from them rubbing together. I love this outfit!!