Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ha Karyn! This was not a Repeat!

So, here is the picture I promised...this is what I wore on Friday!

I first must bitch, er vent, about the poofiness of my hair.

"Does it really look like that, or is is the camera angle?" I asked Ben.

"Yes" he said.

"Yes, to which one?"

"Um...". He was pleading the 5th I think!

Ugh. I need to try and style it so that it does not look like this!

Friday we had another winter coat to share. I finally picked up my dry cleaning on Thursday and was excited to get this green pea coat back. I purchased this 4 years ago at the Banana Republic outlet in Gurnee, Illinois. I lived way to close to the outlets in Gurnee! I love this coat, and it has more than paid for itself.

The pants are a black corduroy that I bought in Jacksonville, Florida at a boutique. I visited it whilst on a business trip. It was within walking distance of my hotel in a cute little area. They are the brand "AG". I have to be very careful when I wear these pants. They are quite low-rise, and things tend to bubble over, or muffin over, I should say. I had a different top on with these until the last minute when I changed.

The blouse is from J.Crew. I purchased it last year. I like the pink and the pattern, and the fact that it does not gape at the boobs! Well, it did accidentally come unbuttoned at lunch, and I am fairly certain that the patrons at Baja got a free show! Nothing Janet Jackson-ish, but enough to make me say "oops!"

I hope your weekend is going well so far. I got my grocery shopping done yesterday, and made some wheat germ corn muffins to go with dinner last night, as well as a batch of magic bars. I added an ingredient to the magic bars, attempting to make a salty/sweet combination...the layers were: graham crackers, condensed milk, crushed pretzel sticks (my addition), coconut, semisweet chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and pecans. Ben said they are tasty, but did not say the pretzels made a noticeable difference. I will let you know after I try one!

Today I AM going to make the posole! Damn it!

I am making chicken broth at the moment, as I also want to make a chicken pot pie today.

A cookie may be on the agenda for today as well!

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