Monday, November 23, 2009

It is Casual Week!

You read that right!

Casual Week!

In honor of the holiday, my company announced it was casual day every day this week, as well as Dec. 20-31 (or something like that!).

The fear in reading a memo like that is - did I misread it? Did it really say casual like Fridays? What will happen if I go to work and I am the only person in jeans? I can't buy a new outfit!
Always have a back up plan!

Make sure your friend Erika is also wearing jeans. Take someone else down with you!

The cute signage in the picture today is courtesy of Starbucks. It says "I wish Grown Ups could remember being Kids." I think that is a great motto to take us through the rest of the week!

Todays long sweater is a 3 year old purchase from Anthropologie. It is soft and fuzzy, and this has only been it's third or fourth outing. It is one of those sweaters that really can't be worn that often. It is just way to recognizable. Plus, I have to be rather confident when I wear it. it does not leave a lot to the imagination! It has to be worn with skinny jeans and a girl is not ready to wear skinny jeans and a sweater like this all the time. Well, not this girl!

The jeans- you have seen them...Hudson skinny jeans

Yes, these black pumps again! As I was examining my shoes today I think my first purchase will be new black pumps. These have seen better days!

Now, for the important stuff. Yesterday's food!

The creme de la creme for the day was the Neiman Marcus cookies. If you love cookies, make them.

The Little Debbie Creme pies...I thought I may have had a disaster on my hands. The cookie part spreads really thin. I used too large a cookie scoop, and could have made them half the size that I made them. They are huge, and they will be taken to work tomorrow. My hands were full! I did share one yesterday and they are an exceptional choice for discretionary calories!

We had the Lentil Stew for lunch today and it was good. By the time you are done with the recipe, a serving is LOADED with sodium. It comes from the vegetable stock, the Worcestershire Sauce, the tomato paste and the dijon mustard. I am exactly at 100% for my sodium intake today from this lunch of 61% sodium. If you think I am foreign and do not understand that I track my food intake, check out Nutrimirror!

The chili is tomorrow's lunch. I am hoping it gets tastier from sitting in the fridge for a few days. The taste I had yesterday was meh.

The Sausage, Spinach and Provolone Pizza was fantastic. Somehow, I managed to only eat one piece. Seeing the 288 calories a piece was okay, but seeing all of the calories, sodium and saturated fat in 2 pieces made me think twice! We will have leftovers for dinner tomorrow night, and I will have a salad on the side.

Thanks for putting up with all of my food talk!

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  1. Love the sweater, Kel! That is a great color and one of those you can dress up or down.!

  2. You dress better on casual day than I do on annual meeting day. :) I love everything, the sweater, the jeans, the shoes, the chica, and Starbucks.