Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who Can Turn The World On With Her Smile?

Today was officially "Lazy Thursday"!

I don't often participate in lazy Thursday, but today I decided to take advantage of it.

What, exactly, is lazy Thursday, you ask?

I have mentioned before, I think, that I work for Target. The "uniform" at Target is red and khaki. Go to your local Target store, and you can recognize all Target team members by their red and khaki. Part of the Target Headquarters dress code is that red and khaki are acceptable any day. So, at any time, you can be in a meeting with men or women is suits and you can wear khaki pants and a red tshirt. Somehow, Thursdays are days when it seems everyone decides to wear red and khaki. I decided to join the fun today!

The top is from, well, Target! I got it 2 years ago, and is from the Merona line. I have the same shirt in black, and another one in black and white stripes. Hey, it was a good price! Why not buy more than one?

The skirt is yet another Target purchase, and I think this is also about 2 years old. It is from the now discontinued Isaac Mizrahi for Target line. I think this is only the second time I have worn it!

Because the outfit itself was a little, ah, boring, I decided to spice it up with the shoes. I wore my Naughty Monkeys. You have seen these before, but on a Casual Friday with jeans. Remember this?

I accessorized with a heavy link silver necklace.

Karyn had mentioned recently that she wanted a picture in front of Mary and Rhoda's house from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Until we find that house, hopefully this statue of Mary will be a nice substitute! She is standing in Downtown Minneapolis. The placement of the statue, from what I understand, is that this is where she stood in the opening credits when she tossed her hat into the air. Cool, huh?

Thanks for checking in. While I would love to turn this over to a vote, I need to keep all my red and khaki pieces!




  1. Isaac has been discontinued? What did he DO??? :) Maybe you and Ben could start pulling up in front of random houses and taking your picture on their front lawns!

  2. Yeah, I was disappointed the Mizrahi stuff has been discontinued now that I could fit into it...

    I love the statue. When I took my best friend to Salem, MA we had to get her picture with the Tabitha from Bewitched statue, also placed there by TV Land.