Thursday, November 19, 2009

Len Druskin is Trying to Kill Me!

A new store.

Within a 2 minute walk from my current work location.

For weeks I have been walking past the windows, covered with paper. The store name was revealed about 2 weeks ago. Len Druskin. NO!

Len Druskin is a clothing store that started in MN. They have some regular high end stores. The one that just opened is one I would call "an outlet". Click on Ken Druskin to see the stores and their typical clothing lines. They are far "too Kel"! I had 3 people email me today to stay away from the store!

Too late. I did not make any purchases, but I had already walked by. The store was opening at 11 a.m. today. Around 12:30 they were packed! Ben and I sashayed over there after lunch. On the way passed the front new, the new clothes smell came wafting out at us. Oh, how I wish this blog was scratch and sniff. Sad pouty face here. Seriously.

On to my same sad OLD clothes!

Well, not too old :).

The blouse today was purchased a year ago or so from J.Crew. It is a light dove grey. I had every intention of wearing a different blouse, and a different skirt for that matter. It was a typical put on skirt, put on blouse, don't like blouse, then realize it is really the skirt that is the problem, seek out new skirt, put on the new skirt, realize it is just a tad too big and that you should give it to your friend Tricia because it would be adorable on her, put on this skirt and say OK!

This has been only the second outing for this blouse; Ben does not ever recall seeing it before. He said I looked sweet today.

The skirt is at least 2 years old and is from Ann Taylor Loft. I remember seeing it in the window one morning as I "mall walked". I kept seeing it lap after lap. After my walk I went home took a shower and headed back to the mall to get it!

So, I don't think Len Druskin is really trying to kill me. A little torture perhaps!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Keep it all, you're breaking my heart. :) I am trying to see the collar of the blouse - does it stand up and are there sparkly things on it? I do not doubt that Len Druskin is trying to torture you. I would not be surprised if by the end of your no-shopping year, J. Crew and Ann Taylor have both opened a new store within 3 feet of your office! They want you back.

  2. The collar is ruffly if that is a word. No sparkles just lots of petals of chiffon. I think :)

  3. Oh! I see it now - that is really pretty!