Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love Sundays

I feel like I have neglected to mention in the past just how much I love Sundays. I think I love Sundays because I turn from Fashion Blogger to Food Blogger. I often have no shower no make up Sundays; today I will have to shower because I had no shower no make up Saturday!

I can't really call myself a true food blogger. I don't have amazing pictures of every meal I ate today. There are some terrific blogs out there. Some of my favorites?

Click on the names to go to them...

and, last but not least...

I also love love love

Foodbuzz is really a collection of all things food! Once you learn how to navigate their site, you can get a ton of amazing recipes! I am not saying all of the recipes are balanced, but when worked into a balanced life you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

At the moment I am making this chili that I got on Foodbuzz. I am substituting ground turkey for the beef and veggie stock for the beef stock. Why? Um, just because? Also, I actually cooked my own kidney beans instead of using canned. That was to control the sodium. I am using less ground turkey, increasing the kidney beans and cutting out the salt altogether. That can be added later if needed. If this is any good, I can say it is my recipe because of the alterations. :) After I brown the turkey, the whole thing is going in the crock pot. This is not for tonight's dinner. Some will get eaten during the week for a lunch and a dinner, and some will get frozen.

After the chili is assembled, I will head out for a walk. Not too cold, and no rain? Take advantage of it while I still can!

The cooking will continue this afternoon with this Lentil Soup Recipe.
As with the chili, we will have some during the week and freeze some for later.

Tonight's dinner will be this pizza. I have been dying to make this!

And the day is not truly complete if I do not make some sweet treats for my unsuspecting coworkers!


Those sound so wrong - I HAVE to make them!

Chili is in the crock pot! I am out for a walk! Catch ya later, and I will give you a review of the foods soon!




  1. Kel, for all the baking you do I'm sure you'd love . She rocks some great baked goods.

    Can't wait to hear how the chili turns out!

  2. OOOh! I love new sites to cruise! Thanks!