Monday, November 2, 2009

Accessorized by Starbucks!

Technically speaking I bought a new accessory today! A cup of Starbucks!

Ben and I met at Starbucks for lunch today. We pondered the various locations where we could take today's pictures and we decided that the entry way would do just fine! It is chilly out there!

I started the morning with pants, and after 2 shirt changes, I knew the shirt was not the problem - it was the pants! I felt like they were just too tight and did nothing for my butt! I cannot be sure if this is a permanent decision or not; time will tell!

Left with not many minutes to get ready, I knew it had to be tights (read that as no, I did not shave my legs!). Skirt and top? Dress? The dresses are first in my closet, after the suits, so I went ran through them. I came up with this dress. Ben had never seen it, so it has been at least 18 months since I have worn it. I think it is actually longer than that.

I got this from QVC over 3 years ago. It is the slinky fabric. I do like the no wrinkle, slinkiness of the fabric. This dress is very shapeless without a belt. No matter your size, if you had this dress, it would need a belt.

I opted for this silver belt that I got at Target 2 years ago. The belt purchase was a result of leaving the house without one that day, and deciding I was tired of pulling my pants up!

The boots? You have seen them before!

The Starbucks? A tall Pikes Place with a tablespoon of half n half!

Lunch? Homemade pea soup with homemade wheat bread, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Any questions?

Thanks for checking in!



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  1. Yeah, I need a black dress! I like this one; that slinky fabric is awesome. I used to hate it and think it would feel weird on, but like other things in life, once I tried it I changed my mind. :) I totally love those earrings, too!