Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Wednesday picture posted on Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I did not post last night! Ben and I decided at the last minute that we were not in the mood to make dinner, so it was an impromptu date for sushi. I love love love sushi!

Once we got home, I had lots of baking to do, plus I wanted to get to bed at a decent hour because we were running a 5k this morning.

So, before I get to today's festivities...

Yesterday's ensemble!

I love this jacket! I got this jacket last winter from J.Crew. It was probably the brightest color they offered. I did not hesitate when I saw this hanging in the store. It is a velvet and fun!
In the picture it looks a lot more orange than it is in reality. It is more of a deep melon shade; not pumpkin orange. It has a little pink to it even.

I paired it with my Hudson boot cut jeans and a gray tank top. The tank has a subtle shimmer to it. It is from my friends at J.Crew as well!

The shoes are Naughty Monkeys. You last saw them here. My Art director was good enough to get a close up shot of them for you!

On my shoulder is a pin I had to have! I got it last year when I was holiday shopping. You know, the shopping trip you make and end up finding more things you would like for yourself instead of the people you were supposed to be shopping for? I love all of the different colors in it. Whether they are in fashion or not, I do love a bit of bling on the shoulder of a jacket!

This morning was an early start for Ben and I. We ran in the Turkey Trot in Downtown Minneapolis. It was a cold way to start the day! I was so happy we did it though. There were over 15000 participants! Seems a lot of people wanted to "Earn the Bird" today. That's the saying on the back of our tshirts. Ben finished in 24:20 and I finished in 28:14. That was 5 seconds behind my personal best. I was pleased with the results; I am never there to race anyone other than myself! I did 4 5ks this year, and that was my second best.

I do have pictures of today's ensemble, but at the moment they are sitting in Ben's camera, and he is napping. Shhhhh - I don't want to wake him!

I will continue the Thanksgiving story later, okay?

Thanks for checking in!



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