Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Promise Fulfilled!

See - I wouldn't let you guys down!

Work has been crazy! Left to decide on writing last night or getting a foot rub, well , you know that foot rub had to win!

Above is yesterday's outfit!

Yes, pants, and yes Joe, that means I did not shave my legs! I work with Joe (HI JOE!) and asked if he now looks at me on a day when I am wearing pants or tights and if he wonders if I shaved my legs that day. He wasn't wondering, but I am sure he will from now on!

The morning yesterday was far too much like Monday morning. The alarm went off - several times apparently! I was so tired that I guess I kept hitting the snooze while sleeping. I woke up and it was 6:20. No good! I jumped in the shower immediately. My typical morning routine is get up at 5:55, go downstairs, turn on the coffee maker (which I fill the night before), add soy milk and water to the pats (which I fill the pot the night before) and get my snacks and lunch in the bag to take to work. I then sit with my oats and cruise on over to Nutrimirror to log my food and see who has checked in. All of that putzing takes me about 35 minutes. I was already down 20 minutes in my morning putzing, so off to the shower I went!

I was happy to be ready with enough time to make some toast with almond butter and banana and a drizzle of honey. Tasty!

Wait - this is not a food blog? Oh, the clothes!

For your approval above, a pair of pants that I purchased from Banana Republic this summer. They were on sale - yeah! They just came home from the dry cleaners. It is always good to have those clothes ready to go on a hit and run morning!

The top had to be easy; remember, I was short on time. I chose a cami and a cardigan. You habe seen them both before. Don't make me go look!

As I was getting ready, I decided the outfit needed a little spicing up. Grey and black - SO boring sometimes! I added this brooch that was given to me 15 years ago (I think) by my friend Kim for being in her wedding. Sorry there is not a closer shot of it. It is sparkly, primarily in light blue stones with an aurora borealis (sp?) hue to them. I have not worn it for ages!

Black pumps. Does not get easier!

Ben took me out for dinner and drinks last night after work, as we did not get to have lunch together due to my schedule. The pictures were taken in the parking garage. I thought this sign would make a great addition to the picture. That "snow drop area" is about 6 stories high! Yes, we get snow IN the parking garage!

Here is today's ensemble!


Hey Joe - I am wearing tights. Yup, you guessed it!

The skirt is a corduroy skirt that I got about 3 years ago from Ann Taylor. Sale racks. A beautiful thing!

The sweater is from J.Crew - I know, you are shocked, aren't you? It was an online purchase last year. It is a combination of cashmere and wool. It is quite soft! I like the mustardy shade - it went quite well with the coloring in Starbucks today! I did put a tank underneath, to keep myself, and the deep V from getting overexposed!

For the life of me I cannot remember where I got these earrings! I hate that!

I had every intention of wearing boots today. When I came downstairs, Ben suggested these shoes. They are from the line "Not Rated". This brand is the "daughter" company of Naughty Monkeys. I ordered them from Endless. If you have a shoe issue, don't click and go! Don't say I did not warn you! I love(d) Endless; they have free overnight shipping on most styles!
What attracted me most to this shoe was the name of the style; it is called "Miss Daisy". You have heard me refer to Ben and I driving to work together as "Driving Miss Daisy". When I discovered these shoes, it just seemed like a sign that I had to get them!

They have a much rounder toe than I normally wear. I think they worked today. I hope you think so too!

To make this fair, today's vote is on today's outfit only. I can tell you, I do not have many pants so it would kill me if you voted yesterday's off, and a cami and cardigan are just too much of a basic to let them go!

Thanks for checking in!



p.s. I am curious for your thoughts on how I have been styling my hair!


  1. I LOVE those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your hair looks great :)

  2. Yay for mustard color!! I love both of these outfits; LOVE the shoes!! I don't like pointy toes (on me - I love them on everyone else) so the rounded toe is right up my alley. Plus, how cute is that little bow on the heel. Your hair is looking fine these days! I kind of miss the Christian Siriano pointyness but you can't keep the same hairdo forever without going mad.

  3. Funny you ended the post about your hair because that's exactly what I noticed and came to comment on! Really think the styling of it looks great...natural with 'tude...perfect. Love the shoes, the pants are very flattering and the brooch was a perfect accent to the black and gray outfit!

  4. Karyn beat me to it. That bow is pretty stinkin' cute, though :)

    I love that you shared your fuzzy added layer with us this post, too. At least you will have a leg up (pun intended) on the warmth with all of that snow!