Friday, November 6, 2009

Pole Dancing, Anyone?

No, I am not back in Las Vegas!

Ben and I met up with our friend Paul for lunch today. Hi Paul! He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life! We will have lunch again soon!

Paul got to be a witness to the photo shoot today. This was taken on one of the famous "skyways" in downtown Minneapolis. The city is full of these skyways that connect one building to the next. It is about survival in the winter! Picture the "habitrails" that connect one section of a hamster cage to another section. It is exactly how the skyway system here works!

I guess I was in a particularly playful mood when these pictures were taken. I decided to grab the pole and take a swing! (There was no alcohol involved in lunch today - check my logs!)

The top today is a long sleeve tshirt from J.Crew that Ben bought for me this past Christmas. The v-neck is lined with layers of chiffon. As least that is what I think it is! It is a very comfortable T! I decided on wearing it today by literally reaching blindly into one of the piles at the top of the closet and seeing what I pulled out. Justagirl asked about my closet at one point - it is really a chaotic mess! I like the salmon pink shade. It reminds me of a carnation.

The jeans you have seen on a previous Friday. They are my straight leg Hudsons that I got at OffSaks. I needed the balance of a skinny jean with the top.

The shoes? These are my maryjane skechers. This is how I get from the parking garage to the office on most days. I had packed a pair of heels, but was so comfortable in today's ensemble, that I decided to take full advantage of Casual Friday and be, well, casual!

The earrings are from the collection of jewelry I have from my friend Sue. You can click on her name and it will take you to her website! It has been really hard not buying some of her most recent designs. Seriously. You have to know I am committed to this if I am willing to not purchase some of Sue's designs! I almost caved before Erika's wedding on this pair. They are beautiful!

Any plans this weekend? There are things I know I need to do:
1. Pick a winner of a tshirt on Nutrimirror for the Friday post.
2. I need to do laundry. Badly
3. 2 good workouts. We may even ride the bikes tomorrow!
4. Clean the bathrooms. I was inspired by Blazin's NM post to get it done this weekend.

Things I want to do this weekend:
1. Make a pot of chili. Check out the recipe here. I will be adding beans to it!
2. Make a batch of split pea soup. Check out the recipe here.
3. Give these lemon burst cookies a try.
4. Try my sister's Italian Cream Wedding Cake recipe that I finally got from her.

I am happy that I can do laundry and bake/cook at the same time! It is called multi-tasking!

Enjoy your weekend, doing whatever it is you choose to do!

Thanks for checking in! Vote on the ensemble below!




  1. I bought a pair of those Sketchers this summer and they tore up my feet, so I had to trade them in for a good ole pair of chuck taylors! I have to clean the house tomorrow since we have people coming over, and I was thinking about making a few loaves of that whole wheat bread you posted a few weeks ago. I'm sure it will make the house smell great!

  2. What a great plan!

    The first time I wore these I was left with a huge blister! The sueded part on the inside, instead of being soft and comfy, caused horrific rubbing!

    On a day like today I take pre-emptive strikes and apply band-aids!

    That bread is awesome stuff! Enjoy it and those darn little debbies!

  3. Kel-I'm loving the shirt that Ben gave you! Did he pick it out himself, or have help? My husband has no (none, zip, nadda) clue about picking clothes for me! One of my favorite stories about this is the year that I asked for PJ's and a robe for Christmas. We hadn't been married long, and I was looking forward to the gift. When I opened it I found a polyester, zip up the front granny robe! You know the kind that you have to step into to zip? I see Little Old Ladies wearing them to the store....I was so upset I started crying! Poor guy, he later told me that the sales lady liked it, and helped him pick it out. Turns out, she was in her 70's! Anyway, long story, but he doesn't buy me anything clothing wise anymore...just sends me off with cash in hand.

  4. The cash is not always a bad thing!

    Ben and I went shopping together. He picked it out and asked me to try it on."I am getting you that". He went and picked out a pair of pants and said "try these on". He ended up getting those for me too. I made him wrap them!

    The pants are way too big now. Tee hee!

  5. Made the bread, it's awesome! You mentioned freezing loaves in your original post. How do you do that?

  6. I wrapped in saran wrap and then put them in a freezer ziploc. So glad you like it!