Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I really could get into this!

Every time we have a casual week, I think this would be great everyday! But if we were able to dress casually every day, someone is inevitably going to ruin it. I look at the ensembles at work, holding my breath. Who will be the first to cross over the line? Who will be the first person to dress too casually and make the "powers-that-be" say No More Casual Week! I hope that doesn't happen any time soon! I certainly hope that I am not the person causing such a reaction.

As someone I would call one of the more mature (age-wise) I hope I have the sensibility to know the line and to not cross it.

That is a long way of saying - I wore a tank top under this shirt today today to keep the girls covered!

Such freedom! Such a relief to not pull, tug, shift and fidget all day!

I have had this shirt for 3 years, and have worn it once; the one wearing resulted in my own personal struggles. No one sent me home. So, what did I do as a result of that one outing? I did not wear it.

I used to have a rule; if it has not been worn for 6 months, it goes. I used to have to do that because my "purging" rate was far slower than the new clothes rate. Sadly, I had quite a few items that left the closet because of this rule. I have thought back with regret to a few of those items.

This past weekend I was doing laundry, and went into the guest room closet. Yes, Kel's closet is actually a few closets. The one in the master bedroom, the guest room closet, and the shoes are in the coat closet downstairs. I was hanging a dress in the closet when it fell to the floor. I bent down to pick it up, and in my little eye I spied a garbage bag. I dragged the bag out, knowing full well that this was a Goodwill bag that never made it to goodwill. What treasures might lie within?

I took out this top, along with several others. I washed them, I refolded them, and I added them back into the rotation. Kel needs to make it until August without a repeat for goodness sake!
Honestly, most of what came out of this bag was perfect for weekend wear; long sleeves tshirts that I got from Target. But there were a few items that can go to work again. I hope you agree!

As for the top, it is a deep V, 3/4 sleeve mock wrap top. I know with the white on white it is hard to see the details. Plus we had to take pictures at home after work. No good props here!

The jeans are my favorite pair of Joe Jeans. I wish I knew why they were my favorite. What is it about them that I love so much? They make me walk a little sassier and taller.

Well, the taller could also be because of the Naughty Monkeys. Click the name to see the story. C'mon - you know you want to!

The earrings are from my friend Sue's handywork. You can see more at enchanteddesignsbySue.com.

Thanks for checking in. I am off to go read my new favorite food blog:

Amazing baking, amazing story telling, and I am accumulating a list of "must makes"!

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  1. I think it is a keeper Kel especially with the tank underneath.