Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I am refreshed and rejuvinated after a good night's sleep! What a week I had!

Besides Len Druskin trying to kill me, work was on HIGH and kept me staring at a computer screen for too many hours!

So, let me talk about yesterday's outfit before I get completely distracted.

It was Casual Friday and I got the take out another pair of jeans you have not seen. This may have been the last pair! I will have to go through the blog and see!

I got these at the Gap 3 years ago. I remember going mall walking on a Saturday morning. It was a snowy day here in MN, probably in June.

Just checking to see if you are awake yet! No, not June, probably more like January. I am thinking January because these jeans were an after holiday sale purchase.

Anyways, I had gotten to the mall later than I would have liked for mall walking. I liked to get there before the shoppers actually arrived. It is nice to be in there and be able to walk quickly and not maneuver around people who could care less about burning calories. They are there to shop and don't care if you are there to walk. They should not care!

After walking, I decided to hit some sales. Any of you that have shopped at the Gap know that they have had a rough few years. They are trying to make a resurgence back into the fashion world. I think these jeans were purchased at their lowest point, and I had made the purchase ot of pity! I say that now because in looking at them in this picture? I don't think I like them!
They are a skinny jean, and there is no give in these suckers. I don't think there is any spandex at all. I could not wear them once last year with 15 more pounds on me than I have now. The muffin was over the top a year ago! It was not the greatest yesterday either...thus the top I ended up selecting.

Originally, I had more of a straight tunic on. I kept turning around to see the rear view, and all I could see was the muffin. I changed into this more "billowy" top to attempt to hide it. I am not sure if I hid it or simply ended up looking w-i-d-e-r.

This top is from Michael Stars Shine collection. The material has the slightest shimmer to it. I love the neckline; I think a deep V really is my favorite. Must be because I love my collar bones. I purchased this top, and a purple one just like it, at an Anthropologie clearance sale 2 years ago. The purple one has since been discarded due to a hole appearing somehow right in the front. It got stabbed by something somewhere along the way and was not repairable. I love the color of this one.

I picked a bigger bolder earring than I have been wearing of late. I guess I was feeling a little feisty yesterday!

I rocked the Naught Monkeys again. Lots of compliments from strangers on these shoes yesterday. I love complimenting strangers on their clothes; I think I get more joy in complimenting them than when they compliment me! Compliments are interesting. I have learned the difference when complimenting someone in saying "What a pretty blouse" vs "That blouse looks great on you." The first compliment may get you the age of the garment, the purchase location, etc. The second compliment tends to make the person pause, and say "Thank You."

So, on that note, I think it is time to get this day officially started! Not sure what we will be doing today, but I know I need to get ready for a run!

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  1. I protest - I can't see the picture!

  2. Ahhh, there is the picture! I love love LOVE the green top and I hope it does not get a surprise hole in it!