Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes

Friends - I am dealing with some significant personal issues today. Not my health, not my sweet Ben, not any drama in NM land. I cannot go into details, as, well, this is the internet.

Suffice it to say: when these pictures were taken today, I loved the symbolism of the Phoenix flying over my shoulder. The legend of this mythical creature said that only one Phoenix lived at a time; at the end of it's lifetime, the Phoenix would build it's nest, and then set it on fire. After 3 days a birth, or rather rebirth, of the Phoenix occurs, as it rises from the ashes.

I have often felt like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. I was given a second chance and rose out of the flames. I am dealing with issues today because someone is grabbing on to the wing of this Phoenix and pulling me back into the flames.

Perhaps too mysterious a post, but it is all I can do to stay together at this moment. I did not want to miss a post, and I greatly appreciate you stopping by today, even if I am not able to share a witty story about where my clothes came from.

Thanks friends.




  1. You know i'm here if you need me! Feel free to e-mail me!!

  2. I think it was Zsa Zsa Gabore who said, "It's better to look good then to feel good." ;) I say that with a whole lotta tongue in cheek but you really are rocking that tiny skirt and if I saw you walking around I'd guess nothing could get a woman like you down. Sending you lots of light and sturdy breezes to fly high above those flames!

  3. Kel if looking good is the best revenge, you are definitely ahead here. I love the Phoenix symbol for you - let it give you hope!

  4. But for a moment you might find yourself back in the flames, but your resilient nature and positive outlook will only let the fire refine you as the beautiful phoenix does. I'm gonna go a little WT (white trash) here and say "who are they? I'll go beat them up and fork their lawn." I am of course kidding. I do feel protective over the people I like though and I don't like the fact that someone's trying to bring a friend down.

    I did tell you that this is carrie, right? I've left comments...not sure if I alerted you to this.