Friday, November 27, 2009

Santa's Helper Has Been Busy!

This is actually a continuation of my Thanksgiving Day!

I used the Santa's Helper reference because of my ensemble yesterday; I certainly have been busy today helping Santa, however!

Yesterday the confidence was apparently through the roof!

I started with a long turtleneck from Michael Stars. I have had this for 3 years or so. Like the sweater on Monday, it is one of those tops that I need to pair with something tight on the bottom; it results in a rather exposed silhouette!

I wore it atop a pair of leggings I got at Ann Taylor. When did leggings start to make an appearance again? 3 years ago as well? When I first started to see them in the stores, I did not buy any. I used my friend Sherri's line:"I took full advantage of them in the 80's and I do not need to wear them again." I promptly went out and saw this pair! They are a very heavy weight. They are not like a heavy pair of tights. They do not get sheer as they stretch. These are good for sucking in what needs to be sucked in! I decided what better way to stay on my eating plan for the day than to wear something tight!

I accessorized with my favorite black belt and boots, and simple cz studs.

Ben and I went over Gretchen's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Here I am with Gretchen (on the left) and Erika. Dinner was fantastic! There was turkey that was really good! Moist and very flavorful. There were more side dishes than you could possibly eat in two meals, let alone one! Sweet potato casserole, 2 kinds of stuffing, tomato pie (it was heavenly!), spinach salad with craisins, apples and walnuts with a white balsamic vinaigrette (I brought that), pumpkin biscuits with orange butter (mine too), green bean casserole, corn souffle and mashed potatoes. It was quite the feast! We finished it all of with an amazing pumpkin pie (it had a gingersnap crust) and chocolate mousse cake (me), as well as espresso or tea.

I can't believe I even needed breakfast this morning!

I am not a Black Friday shopper. For those few items I do need at the store, I will find an evening when others are eating dinner. Hopefully I can run in and get out as quickly as possible.

Remember one of the items I was going to let myself buy when I first started this? Check out the rules on the first blog. It was a pair of running shoes. It is time! I got my current ones last March. Running shoes generally have a 500 mile limit. I can tell I have reached that limit by how my right hip feels. I received a coupon from Lady Foot Locker, and it expires Sunday. It is a really good deal; $15 off of a $75 purchase or $25 off a $100 purchase. I may have to fight the darned crowds on Sunday. I don't mind the parking. I just park as far away as possible and enjoy the walk. Fortunately, Lady Footlocker is right next to the entrance. I can be in and out in no time!

While I am not a Black Friday shopper, I am an online shopper. I was busy today taking care bizzness! I can't say what I purchased, but I got a lot of my shopping DONE! Yay! I stayed in my bath robe until 2:30! Because it was a sunny day, we headed out for a 5.4 mile walk. We even did a little running, but that was just because it was chilly and we needed to warm up!

I came home and promptly got back on the computer. I guess it was no shower no make up Friday!

I hope your day was great, I hope you had the day off, and that you got lots crossed off of your list too!

Thanks for checking in!



p.s. I am being bad, but no vote today either!


  1. Dammit I've waited two days to come here and vote and now look. Grrrrr. (LOL - why don't you cancel this whole project and come here and go shopping with me!)

  2. Oh how I would love to! I could shop for YOU and you could do the buying!