Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

I get to vote this one out of the closet!

It is cute, huh? I got it at Banana Republic a year ago. A year. I have had many items I have shared with your far older than a year...so, what is the problem? As I was sitting down after a trip to the rest room, I was flattening the bottom under my butt...you know, the move you make so that your dress is not all bunched up as you sit down? I felt it. A hole. Not a rip on a seam, not the hem coming down...nope, a hole. About the size of a dime. Now, without too much detail as to my undergarments today, let me say I hope my ass was not exposed to all of Minneapolis today! Erika and Ben, both forced to look at my ass as I walked 6 feet in front of them, assured me you could not see it.

This all had to happen on top of the fact that this was the second dress I put on this morning. The first one? As I was washing my hands to get some makeup off of them, the soap dispenser must have been clogged; it sprayed all over my dress. Seriously? This led to the quick change.

I put the dress on and grabbed the green belt out of my drawer. I have had the belt for several years. I like it because it is fuzzy. You can't see that detail in the picture, but it is!

In the year of tights, I am still going without some days. Hey, a good leg shaving cannot be wasted on tights!

Black pumps, earrings Karyn loves, outfit done and dusted.

I do love a black dress! Just not one with a hole in the ass!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. I was going to say I really love the belt color and the contrast between the bag and belt! :o)

  2. Kel, i really enjoy your writing and I completely agree about wasting a good shave on a pair of tights. Sweater tights are a genius invention.

  3. As you may recall, I recently forced several hundred people to look at my butt, on NM. :) I don't see why you can't just get a black slip and wear it under the dress; if nobody can see the hole from 6 feet away, I doubt they would notice it if you had a black slip on under it. Or you could tie your sweater around your waist! Why didn't you take a picture of your ass so we could see if we can see the hole? I like the green furry belt - very cute!