Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doing Much Better, Thanks for Asking!

I took control over the situation that caused me such grief yesterday. Thanks for your kind words!

On to today!

A repeat item! Not just one, but two!

You have seen this blouse before on a Casual Friday. For the story, click here.
The shoes are a repeat as well! Here is when you saw them last!

Now, remember my rules: I cannot repeat an ensemble. Individual pieces can certainly make a reappearance.

These pants are from J.Crew last winter. They are a wool pant, but fully lined so nothing itchy is going on! I have the same pair in beige; I had purchased the black ones in the store. Later, when the beige went on sale online, I scooped them up! They could probably be taken in a couple of inches; they are supposed to sit a little higher on the waist, which would make them just a little shorter. I have to be careful what shoes I wear with these pants. If I rock one of my platform shoes I look too much like Herman Munster. Not a good look!

The earrings are from...nope, can't remember. I loved the antique romantic look to them. They were purchased ...nope, can't remember that either :). I can tell you, however, when they were worn the first time - today! Yes, I guess I just never had the right outfit to pair them with. Today they just felt right.

Did you all notice I snuck a haircut in on you? I got it trimmed Tuesday evening. I announced it to my hairdresser - we are officially growing it out! Can't be sure where it will end, but not too long. I usually get it to shoulder length, and then decide to chop it all off!

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Thanks again for helping me get my juju back!




  1. What the heck temperature is it in MN where you can sashay around with no socks on?

    I love the shoes, the pants, and the earrings; I don't care for this top with these pants, though. Maybe if it were tucked in. I'm very glad you have your groove back - onward and upward!!

  2. LOL Karyn! I think it was in the 40's yesterday. We do have heat inside, however!

  3. I love jewelry that looks antique, so of course I am in awe of those earings! I wish I wore more jewelry. Peter gets mad at me, because I barely wear my wedding ring around.

    This outfit ROCKS!

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! :o)