Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Treats, anyone?

How fabulous is this sign? I am really enjoying these on-location shoots!

This was in City Center in Downtown Minneapolis. This is the lobby of the building in which I have been spending most of my work time of late. After our lunch today, we set off of on adventure to find today's location. Was I ever excited! This sign is perfect! It was love at first sight! And, it will go perfectly with this week's TGIF post on nutrimirror.

On to the ensemble!

The blouse was actually a purchase this summer! It may have been one of the last ones I made, as a matter of fact. I got it from Banana Republic. What is it about button down shirts? I love how they look when you are standing; everything is good, nothing is gaping, then BLAM you sit down at work and there is your belly hanging out for everyone to see! Okay, it was not that bad. I think had I worn it with a less padded bra, I might have been okay. It made me fidget! The good thing was that the only thing staring at my gaping blouse today was my computer screen!

The skirt is a 3 year old purchase from Ann Taylor. So much of what I purchased in the last 3 years was done on lunch hours! I remember heading over to Ann Taylor and picking this up on sale. I got a few other one's that same day. When I shop it is like Lays potato chips; you can't buy just one! The skirt is blue/black; hopefully you are able to see it in the picture. I can't tell you if it is blue flecks on black, or black flecks on blue. I just know I like it, especially the flouncy little hem.

I really am not fond of wearing the shame pair of shoes 2 days in a row, but the basic black pump works!

I grabbed the belt on the way downstairs this morning. I am not sure if it worked or not, but I knew I need something just could not figure out what. Any suggestions?

I have been having hair issues of late; you are going to hear a lot about my hair, most likely in the form of whining! I am officially growing it out! I must say I was influenced by being accused of dressing in drag in Las Vegas. I am not going for long, flowing locks. My hair is far too thin for that!

Off to go frost a cake! I made a pumpkin pound cake and I am frosting it with Cinnamon Brown Sugar Buttercream. Want the recipe? Check it out here!

Thanks for checking in! Have a great night!




  1. You are definitely a "treat" to look at :)

  2. Kel, I really love this outfit! When I first saw it, I thougt it all one piece-it really works well together and looks great on you. A secret to gaping blouses-since I'm well endowed, I've learned that a small piece of velcro sewn into the spaces between the buttons keeps everything all tidy....a bit of work, but helps keep the girls (or the belly) covered.

  3. Love the outfit - the belt works great! I like the flouncy skirt. It's all very pretty!

  4. This is one of my favorite outfits so far. Everything looks like it was tailored to fit your body. I want the whole thing!