Monday, November 9, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

Hello all! Happy Monday!

Did I sound sincere? Did I make it at least sound like I was happy to have Monday arrive?


I didn't think so!

A poor night of sleep and the morning seemed to arrive far too quickly. From the moment I got up to the moment I walked out the door, I felt like I was in slow of those mornings when you feel like you are rushing, but when you look at the clock, it seems like it is moving faster too?

I went for an easy dress today as a result. (Well, actually I went for a different dress that was hanging to dry in the guest bathroom but it was not dry.) &^$#!!

In my opinion, this dress did not photograph as cute as it really is! I got this dress last year at QVC. You recall, I have told you that I stopped purchasing clothing there long before my shopping hiatus, as it was hit/miss with the sizing. I liked the dress the moment I put it on. It is a swing dress; it fits well in the shoulders and trapezes from there! It is a short sleeve, thus the cardigan. A cardigan, a pair of tights and boots and it becomes a fall outfit!

The black cardigan is one you have not seen before; I know you haven't because I discovered it in the deep dark corner of the abyss I call my closet. It is a wool sweater I got at Banana Republic a couple of years ago.

Ben and I headed outside for our pictures today. It was a lovely afternoon and we could not resist it. I laughed when I saw what Ben had put together. Any time my head gets cut off in a picture, that means I could not have been making a very nice face! It was quite breezy, as you can see from the pic on the right, when my hair was having an Alfalfa moment. (If you are too young to know who Alfalfa is, it would take far too long for me to explain it. Google "Our Gang Alfalfa" and you will understand.)

So, the old habits? In somewhat of a funk today from the lack of sleep, I headed to Target. I had necessities to purchase; dishwasher detergent and a lint remover. I went out of my way to walk through Off Saks! At first, I told myself I would just look at the clothes for style ideas. Instead, I made my way over to the shoes. I did my usual routine of looking, touching and drooling. I even went so far as to try on a pair of Betsey Johnson pumps. I tried to take a picture with my iPhone but it came out fuzzy, most likely because my hands were shaking at the thought of NOT buying them! They were amazing; a black platform pump where one half was patent leather and the other was suede. $129 and 25% off. Such a short time ago they would have come home with me, curing whatever ailed me at the moment.

I realized something. I can't (or won't) eat decadent treats so I make them for my co-workers. I cannot purchase so I still shop. I am seeking out comfort; I still have some emotional issues I need to address apparently! I put some thoughts into an email and sent it to some friends and they helped me see that I did not need a new pair of shoes, or a pumpkin whoopie pie to make me feel better. Getting the words out did. By the way, for the pumpkin whoopie pie recipe just click here. I used one LESS stick of butter in the recipe than the filling called for, and substituted some whole wheat flour in there too. The bite I had yesterday was fantastic!

I hope that was not too much for a blog that is supposed to be about clothes!

As for this past weekend, I had put links to some recipes...the chili - AMAZING! The pea soup was fantastic, and I did not even need to add the cream at the end, saving a few calories. The lemon burst cookies were delicious and easy, and I also decided to make a pumpkin beer quickbread, the recipe which can be found here. Simply fantastic! But I was glad that Ben and I had ridden our bikes both Saturday and Sunday! It was too good!

The laundry got done... the bathrooms? Not so much!

Thanks for checking in. I feel better just by talking to all of you! Please vote below!




  1. Sheesh! I'm so sad when I get behind on my blog reading, then I don't get to vote. I love the dress! I have been reading, just not commenting, sorry. I really want to try the Whoopie pies. I just bought a candle at Marshall's Jaqua (it's a soy candle), Lemon Cookie and I've been craving lemon cookies! I always look up the retail to see how good of a deal I got and haven't done this the candle for 5.99.

  2. Pockets on dresses are my absolute favorite! That punch color paired with black is a perfect fall look. Keeper!

    (Pumpkin Whoopie Pies? Are you serious? I need to work in an office so I can attempt these recipes without having the entire batch at home with me!)