Saturday, November 14, 2009

Currently experiencing technical difficulties!

Sorry I do not have Friday pics posted. Ben sent them to me, but on my work email, and I can't download attachments from my work email at home, blah blah blah!

Today is quite a dreary day in Minnesota. To perk me up a bit, I am going to go get a pedicure. A pedicure can solve a lot of problems, don't ya think? Actually, I am needing a pedicure. It is not even a question of pretty toes for open toed shoes anymore. Running can be hard on the toe nails, and I like to keep them short. And yes, the foot rub and scrub that come with it are nice too. Okay fine, I am too lazy to do it myself!

I am going to head to the grocery store after that. My plan today is to make posole. Ben is from New Mexico, and has talked a lot about this traditional holiday fare. I am going to give it a try today using this recipe.

I am sure some baking will get done this weekend as well. I have two pie pumpkins I bought last weekend that need to get cooked. Now that I have made my own pumpkin puree, I feel so Martha Stewart. Truth be known, I want the seeds, and it really does taste better than the canned stuff!

Any ideas on what I should bake?

I will get the Friday pics up this weekend! I promise!

Hope you all have some planned relaxation in your day today! See ya!



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  1. I wish I could believe this wild story about work email, Kel. I'll bet you are sitting around in a repeat outfit and you just don't want to TELL us! Ha! Busted.

    :) Just kidding. Enjoy your pedicure!