Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will You Still Love Me?

I can't blog every night. I just can't do it right now.

I have told you about work. I started at 8, left at 6, and realized today I need to work this weekend to catch up.

Needless to say, it is a challenge for me to write here every night. I promise I am not breaking any rules. I have not repeated any outfits.

For now, this has to be what I want to do, not what I have to do.

That would take the fun out of it for both of us, wouldn't it?

So, please love me despite only posting every couple of days, okay?

Let's play catch up, shall we?

The photos on top are yesterday, and the Art Director took them after Happy Hour with friends. Wow was that a smooth glass of wine!

I have worn that long sleeve shirt before; it was the day I had the Maude schmatta on. It was an easy "grab" yesterday as it was sitting on top of the folded clothes pile!

The skirt has not been worn before. This is a black wool pencil skirt that I got from Banana Republic over 3 years ago. I cannot tell you that last time I wore it. Here is a confession. It was sitting in the dry cleaning pile - for ages! I used my dryel kit and voila - good as new! Well, pseudo clean I guess!

I wore it with black tights and my shoes my sweet Ben got me in December. A strand of red beads and I was ready for a long day at work and then happy hour! It was goooood.

Today you can start to see the toll of the week I am afraid! I've told you that Ben cuts off my face in the close up shots when my expression is, ah , not something I would see the necklace shot today? Yep. I love my art director.

The sweater is almost 4 years old. I remember buying it at the Banana Republic outlet right before I started working at Target. You can never have too many red tops when you work for Target!

The pants I have shared with you a couple of times already. One of these days I will have to share the whole suit with you!

My necklace is a piece that I commissioned from my friend Sue. It is a glass pendant. I had the silver collar, and I requested a large pendant with red, black and white. Isn't it great? Her website can be found here.

I am off for 30 minutes of no computer vegetation time! Thanks for putting up with me all!

Thanks for checking in!!




  1. Kel,
    As much as we all love to read your posts, we know you are under stress and the computer does not always come first. I have a hard time finding time to write on both my blogs. I am trying to do a branch a week on my genelogy one, and the other one is sometimes like my diary and how I feel about something. I catch my self writing more about NM and walking and then I have those days that I need to just write. I know you will be here and when you are we will read all about it! Have a peaceful night! By the way, I still love those shoes! Ben has good taste!

  2. Kel, I still love you! :o)

    That pendant is great!

  3. Kel, I would still love you if you wore that Elly Mae Clampett shmatta with a pair of leggings and some uggs. I would still love you, but I would be sad. :) Hang in there chica - better days are coming! LOVE the pendant, the tops, the skirt, the slacks, the head-chopped-off photo!