Monday, January 25, 2010

The Many Colors of Kel

Ben sent me my Friday picture and today's picture in one email...I was shocked at how different I can look just 3 days later! Ben called in the many colors of Kel. He says I have a lot of them!

Casual Friday led to date night Friday. We went out for a fabulous sushi dinner.

Friday's top was a Marshall's purchase 2 summers ago. My office has been so warm of late, that I took this chance and I did fine. I was quite comfortable! And despite the fact that Friday was only 3 days ago, I cannot remember for the life of me which jeans they were. I could lie; I could say Joe Jeans. But, alas, I cannot lie to you all!

From looking at my picture on Friday you can see the work week took it's toll on me!

I entered today far more refreshed!

I got up at 5am for an early workout. I am trying to fit it in before work, because waiting until after work...well, that is not working! I have been so impressed by my friends on NM getting up early to work out! I was inspired. Last night I set the alarm, and dragged myself out of bed!

I got this dress 3 years ago. It was on a sale rack at Macy's. Again, the designer completely escapes me! If I weren't so beat I would head upstairs and check! I paired it with a 100 inch silver chain worn long and loose!

A rather neutral dress called for spicy hose and shoes. What do ya think?

Please vote, but be gentle. I am exhausted!

Thanks for checking in!




  1. Everything looks fantastic, especially the hose and shoes!