Monday, January 11, 2010

Overall, A Good Day!

Black and Blue but not bruised all over!

I am not typically a fan of black and blue together, but it worked for me today. Despite our balmy temps here today (21 - woo hoo!) I needed tights!

This dress was rescued from the Goodwill bag. It got placed there when I had gained enough weight to make me hate this dress. I was happy today when I retrieved it and I liked how it looked!

I got this dress at Anthropologie about 3 years ago? That is a guess! I like the bright blueness of it, and it has a fun shape to it. It is short enough to feel sassy yet long enough to not feel like my butt is hanging out the back!

I was planning on boots but decided on simple pumps when I got downstairs. My art director helped me make the final decision.

I accessorized with some pins I got from QVC a few years ago. It is like a mommy pin and a baby pin!

Ben and I had lunch today at Caribou Coffee. It was a good halfway point for both of us. Today we had vegetarian chili and chips. Good stuff! Check out the vegetarian chili recipe in this month's Cooking Light.

Caribou's fireplace provided the backdrop for today's pictures. It looks so warm and cozy.

Ben was trying to be stealthy taking my pictures; I get so self-conscious thinking people are looking at us!

Off to watch CSI:Miami. For a police show, it makes me laugh!

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Love the shape and color, shoes. You (and your art director) got it right!

  2. Love it!! And love the little pin family from QVC. :)

  3. Oh yes! I love it. :o) I really like the pic in the upper left corner. You look so cute in it!