Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Hair Looks like Hell!

I read a lot of blogs. I am fairly certain I have never seen that as a post title. I strive for uniqueness, you know.

It is driving me nuts! The hair, that is. 2 more weeks until a trim. Sigh.

I have a TGIF with Kel post to write so I need to make this quick. By the way, if you don't use NM, I made it so you can now go read TGIF without joining the site. Go take a peek at this week's column, won't you?

Today's ensemble came together by accident. I had intended to wear the black turtleneck (from the Gap) and the pants (from Banana Republic) but planned on wearing a long cardigan sweater. I reached for it, but grabbed this coat instead. It was fate.

This coat is from Target and I think it is 2 years old...or is it 3? Sue, you have the same one. How old is it?

I have not worn this coat in a while! It has been so cold here this layer worked out perfectly. This coat is warm enough to wear as a jacket in the late fall, yet is still lightweight enough to wear as a blazer in the winter. It is a brown/white/black tweed. It looks great with jeans. Damn. I should have saved it for tomorrow!

I still hate my hair. How ironic that my column this week talks about being nice to yourself!

Thanks for checking in, if even for a brief moment.

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  1. Your hairs always cute! You talked about it the other day on here and said you were considering a color or two added next time. A wise person said..Do What You Have Always Done, Get What You Have Always Gotten! And that same person said to love the one your with!

  2. I've had to grow my hair out before and I know what you mean about the awkward stage. But I tell you that your hair does not look like hell to me.