Friday, January 15, 2010

I made it!

Time: 8pm Central Time
Location: Couch Corner
Beverage: White Wine
Status: Relaxed

Ok, on to the clothes. I had to wear this sweater. Here is the deal. It was in the Goodwill bag. It still had the tags on it. I bought it from Target 3 years ago. When I was cutting the tags off I told Ben not to worry, I had not bought something new.

Now I can indeed give it to Goodwill. I look like Maude in it. Enough said.

If you just said Who's Maude you are young. I hope you are enjoying your youth! Google Maude Bea Arthur. You will see lots of images where she is wearing these long vests.

Today's entire ensemble, except for the shoes, was Target. The corduroys are also 3 years old, and were rescued from the Goodwill bag. They did not fit. Now they do. I will let you decide if they go back in the bag or not.

The top underneath is just a simple long sleeve tshirt. I needed to stay warm.

I don't love this outfit. That is good. I won't want to wear it again in the next 7 months.

That's right. 7 more months to go. Actually, on January 12th it was seven months to go. Can I make it? Time will tell. I knew I would need to have some outfits like today's to be able to make it. Something not so special. Nothing empowering. Just clothes.

I don't like wearing just clothes!

Thanks for checking in! Tomorrow I hope to be on and share what my cooking plans are for the weekend. I like planning out my day with you. It gets me organized and ready to go!



p.s. Please vote below. But the sweater is schmatta. It's gone!
p.p.s. Those are not white socks on my feet. That is my skin. I didn't want a panic!


  1. I agree with you on the outfit - this is not a "Kel look." Glad you're getting rid of the sweater. Your Maude comment made me laugh because that's what I thought when I saw it!! As always, you're beautiful! I can't wait to see the cords with something else.

  2. Kel, it doesn't matter what outfit you show us, they still seem to look good....But, I agree, and I think Blanch would be the first to say...Maude, it's time to give it up and get with it!

  3. Arthur LOVED the way Maude looked. LOL It is SO WEIRD that you would even mention Maude, because yesterday at the hairdo salon, I was chatting with the owner. He was talking about how devestated he was when Bea Arthur died, and there's nobody else like her - he just adored her. So we had a nice long talk about Maude and he had tears in his eyes. :) I love the cultural world of the salon.

    Yes, sadly, the sweater is shmatta, although I think it is actually pretty - just a little too long. The cords are good, hang on to them! 7 more months is a long time but chica you are almost halfway through the year!

  4. The last little bit about the socks has me rolling! LOL! I tell my son all the time that he can't wear socks with sandals. I figure I'll be saving his wife some work later on in life. :o)

    I do like the cords though!

    Golden Girls was my favorite show for a very long time. I used to wear my grandma's silky nightgown and duster when I watched it with her. And when I was older we both ate butter pecan icecream and watched the show when we were both up late at night...gotta love re-runs.

  5. Okay, I totally had to google Maude Bea Arthur, but once I googled I was I definitely know who you mean! I think the sweater, is youthful actually! That said, I support anyone's need to purge and Goodwill, if you don't feel great in it, move on!