Sunday, January 31, 2010

I really do love Sundays

Hello all!

Playing a little catch up on relaxation. I ended up working yesterday, so this is really my one day off this week.

I have for you Friday's photo!

Must have been a JCrew kind of day! I am wearing a Cardigan and tshirt that both came from JCrew early last year.

You can see the energy level on Friday was l-o-w. I had not the energy to put eye liner on in the morning, nor did I have energy to strike a pose! Ben took this across the table during lunch.
I was even too lazy to prepare lunch, so we went out. I knew what I would have - a delicious veggie wrap, so it was a safe choice despite being not made at home. hair was quite jacked up too I see. Good thing I spent most of the day at my desk!

Today I am reading food blogs, and headed to the grocery store shortly. Erin introduced me to an amazing food website that I like even better than foodbuzz. Check it out here.
I like the layout better. This website is a little like going grocery shopping. Don't go there on an empty stomach! No one is guaranteeing that everything on there is healthy, but it all looks delicious.

Speaking of empty stomach, I think I need a snack before heading out!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Friday Blog about a Thursday outfit

Hello all!

Just a quick drive by! I wanted to "drop off" my picture from Thursday.

We wanted to take advantage of some of the sunlight in the sky ways. (Sky ways are the "system" in Minneapolis to get you from one building to another without ever having to go outside.)

You have seen this dress before, here it is!

I changed up the ensemble by adding a camisole, tights and different shoes. The hoop earrings are a different pair too!

I am curled up under a blanket in my favorite spot on the couch. I am going to enjoy this relaxation time immensely!

No vote tonight. Ben would never forgive me if I got rid of this dress!

Thanks for checking in!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will You Still Love Me?

I can't blog every night. I just can't do it right now.

I have told you about work. I started at 8, left at 6, and realized today I need to work this weekend to catch up.

Needless to say, it is a challenge for me to write here every night. I promise I am not breaking any rules. I have not repeated any outfits.

For now, this has to be what I want to do, not what I have to do.

That would take the fun out of it for both of us, wouldn't it?

So, please love me despite only posting every couple of days, okay?

Let's play catch up, shall we?

The photos on top are yesterday, and the Art Director took them after Happy Hour with friends. Wow was that a smooth glass of wine!

I have worn that long sleeve shirt before; it was the day I had the Maude schmatta on. It was an easy "grab" yesterday as it was sitting on top of the folded clothes pile!

The skirt has not been worn before. This is a black wool pencil skirt that I got from Banana Republic over 3 years ago. I cannot tell you that last time I wore it. Here is a confession. It was sitting in the dry cleaning pile - for ages! I used my dryel kit and voila - good as new! Well, pseudo clean I guess!

I wore it with black tights and my shoes my sweet Ben got me in December. A strand of red beads and I was ready for a long day at work and then happy hour! It was goooood.

Today you can start to see the toll of the week I am afraid! I've told you that Ben cuts off my face in the close up shots when my expression is, ah , not something I would see the necklace shot today? Yep. I love my art director.

The sweater is almost 4 years old. I remember buying it at the Banana Republic outlet right before I started working at Target. You can never have too many red tops when you work for Target!

The pants I have shared with you a couple of times already. One of these days I will have to share the whole suit with you!

My necklace is a piece that I commissioned from my friend Sue. It is a glass pendant. I had the silver collar, and I requested a large pendant with red, black and white. Isn't it great? Her website can be found here.

I am off for 30 minutes of no computer vegetation time! Thanks for putting up with me all!

Thanks for checking in!!



Monday, January 25, 2010

The Many Colors of Kel

Ben sent me my Friday picture and today's picture in one email...I was shocked at how different I can look just 3 days later! Ben called in the many colors of Kel. He says I have a lot of them!

Casual Friday led to date night Friday. We went out for a fabulous sushi dinner.

Friday's top was a Marshall's purchase 2 summers ago. My office has been so warm of late, that I took this chance and I did fine. I was quite comfortable! And despite the fact that Friday was only 3 days ago, I cannot remember for the life of me which jeans they were. I could lie; I could say Joe Jeans. But, alas, I cannot lie to you all!

From looking at my picture on Friday you can see the work week took it's toll on me!

I entered today far more refreshed!

I got up at 5am for an early workout. I am trying to fit it in before work, because waiting until after work...well, that is not working! I have been so impressed by my friends on NM getting up early to work out! I was inspired. Last night I set the alarm, and dragged myself out of bed!

I got this dress 3 years ago. It was on a sale rack at Macy's. Again, the designer completely escapes me! If I weren't so beat I would head upstairs and check! I paired it with a 100 inch silver chain worn long and loose!

A rather neutral dress called for spicy hose and shoes. What do ya think?

Please vote, but be gentle. I am exhausted!

Thanks for checking in!



Thursday, January 21, 2010

So much writing!

I have the NM column that I still need to write, so this is a drive by blog tonight! :)

I have not worn this before. Joe at work accused me of that. As similar as it looks to this outfit, it is not the same! Different sweater, different skirt, and tights!

I think the last time you saw this sweater, it was from my Las Vegas pictures. The skirt? I know I have worn it before, and a proper blogger would find it for you, but I am a time constrained blogger! It was a sale purchase at Banana Republic.

The scene today was Caribou coffee. It is a good halfway point for Ben and I to meet for lunch. I was cruising the cards that they have and Ben snapped some shots. (Yes, we totally set up these shots. These were not candids.) I can't lie to you guys!

Off to TGIF with Kel!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hands off the Skirt!

Ben says you cannot vote on this skirt.

He really loves this skirt. When I met him for lunch today he had the sweetest (devilish) expression on his face. When I asked him what that was about he said "You look really good. I love that skirt."

This is interesting, to me, at least. Had I been free to purchase new clothes for the last 5 months, I realize that this skirt would have been pushed further and further back in the closet. It might never have made an appearance. If that had happened, I never would have seen that sweet look today.

Maybe this challenge has indeed been a good thing.

That annoying hair is still there today.

This is the second outing for this skirt; you saw it first here.

This may be the third wearing for the sweater. The first wearing you saw? Here!

You have not seen this blouse before. I got this at Ann Taylor about 3 years ago. I love wearing it with these pearls. Lots of repeats today, huh?

Ben made me laugh a lot today. He is so good for my stress level (as in improving it) and so good to me!

On that note, I am going to head off to bed. I have a feeling the early bedtime and the early morning workout (4:45 a.m.!) contributed to my good mood today.

I am going to try for it again tomorrow! I did give blood today, so there is a chance that workout won't happen. We'll see!

Thanks for checking in!



Monday, January 18, 2010

An Early Bedtime for this Gal!

I have a confession. I have not been sleeping very well. I think I am internalizing some stress.

I thought about writing about that stress tonight and letting it all out.

Instead, I will make an effort to get to bed early so I can get up early and work out in the morning. I have been working late which gets me home late which means if I want dinner and time to unwind I cannot fit in a workout too. Working out is key for me to de-stress. It is especially important when I cannot shop away or eat away the stress! Of course, I had to have a 7:30 meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning, so it will be a 4:30 alarm. Ugh. I need to go lay out my clothes for my workout so that I don't wake poor Ben!

So, with that, I give you this brief outfit description!

I got this blouse on eBay last year. It must be worn with a camisole or you will see more about Kel than I would like you to see!

I paired it with a pair of pants from Ann Taylor. It is part of a suit. I just chose not to cover up my cute blouse with a jacket today!

The've seen them. Nothing special here!

The hair is doing okay. Not sure what that piece was doing during today's photo, but it kind of has a mind of it's own lately! I am getting a trim tomorrow. Just a trim!

That's it! Headed off to bed!

Thanks for checking in. Please vote below!



Friday, January 15, 2010

I made it!

Time: 8pm Central Time
Location: Couch Corner
Beverage: White Wine
Status: Relaxed

Ok, on to the clothes. I had to wear this sweater. Here is the deal. It was in the Goodwill bag. It still had the tags on it. I bought it from Target 3 years ago. When I was cutting the tags off I told Ben not to worry, I had not bought something new.

Now I can indeed give it to Goodwill. I look like Maude in it. Enough said.

If you just said Who's Maude you are young. I hope you are enjoying your youth! Google Maude Bea Arthur. You will see lots of images where she is wearing these long vests.

Today's entire ensemble, except for the shoes, was Target. The corduroys are also 3 years old, and were rescued from the Goodwill bag. They did not fit. Now they do. I will let you decide if they go back in the bag or not.

The top underneath is just a simple long sleeve tshirt. I needed to stay warm.

I don't love this outfit. That is good. I won't want to wear it again in the next 7 months.

That's right. 7 more months to go. Actually, on January 12th it was seven months to go. Can I make it? Time will tell. I knew I would need to have some outfits like today's to be able to make it. Something not so special. Nothing empowering. Just clothes.

I don't like wearing just clothes!

Thanks for checking in! Tomorrow I hope to be on and share what my cooking plans are for the weekend. I like planning out my day with you. It gets me organized and ready to go!



p.s. Please vote below. But the sweater is schmatta. It's gone!
p.p.s. Those are not white socks on my feet. That is my skin. I didn't want a panic!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One more day to go...

Tomorrow is finally Friday. Ahhhh...

Hello Blogworld! Just a quick hello!

We have a repeat dress today! Completely different than the last time, of course. You remember this one, don't you? This is the one you and Ben think is black. I still think it is a shade other than black. Maybe you can use the tights as comparison. They are black! Okay, darned may be right.

Ben and I did not have lunch together today, so we took 15 minutes late this afternoon to meet so I could grab a cup of decaf (yes, I am trying to cut back) and so we could snap these pictures.
I think I am smiling because I was not sitting at my desk. My butt is getting numb I think!

I am looking forward to getting in a couple of good workouts this weekend. You know how it goes; too tired from work to workout when actually the best thing to help you would be a good workout? Yeah, I am there. But this weekend will be a good chance to get out there both days for some distance runs. I have a 10 mile race in 2 months. Yikes!

Okay, that's it for tonight. I guess I will assume that since you liked the dress the last time that you still like it? If you don't, you are just going to have to leave a comment!

Thanks for checking in!



p.s. I like my hair today! Yippee!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ah, The Pleasures of Work...

Good evening Blogworld!

Welcome to Tuesday evening. Is it really only Tuesday?

I think I have mentioned this here before, but when we were kids my dad used to tell us not to wish our lives away. You know what he means. Oh, I wish it was May and it was spring and getting warm...or, Oh I wish it was July and the weather was beautiful and I could ride my bike after work...

I am not wishing for anything big, or jumping ahead months at a time. I just want it to be Friday! I feel like I wake up every day hoping it is Friday. Even when Saturday arrives I am already lamenting. At least on Fridays there is the excitement and anticipation of the weekend.

You all know - I don't have an amazing social life where we meet friends every weekend. We rarely make it to a movie. I just love the peace and quiet of home. I often putter around the house without any music or the television. I busily work in my kitchen chopping, mixing, baking...without any sounds to interupt my tasks.

At work, there is constant noise; if it is not someone in the next cube talking on the phone, then they are chit chatting over the cube walls. To drown it out, I turn on my iPod. Even that annoys me to a certain extent. I really like working in silence. Am I the only one?

Where the heck did all of that rambling come from?

Damn. It is still Tuesday.

So, the outfit!

You have seen this skirt before here. It is indeed a different outfit! Darned close though. Phew!

I paired this with a sweater set I got a Target 2 years ago. This is a cashmere sleeveless sweater with a matching cardigan. I have the same one in grey that I have worn for you all before. Here it is. I warned you that I have a winter "uniform". This is pretty much it today!

Ben and I had another impromptu date. It was a great way to end a Tuesday. Of course, any date with Ben is a great way for me to end a day!

Thanks for checking in! Please vote below!



Monday, January 11, 2010

Overall, A Good Day!

Black and Blue but not bruised all over!

I am not typically a fan of black and blue together, but it worked for me today. Despite our balmy temps here today (21 - woo hoo!) I needed tights!

This dress was rescued from the Goodwill bag. It got placed there when I had gained enough weight to make me hate this dress. I was happy today when I retrieved it and I liked how it looked!

I got this dress at Anthropologie about 3 years ago? That is a guess! I like the bright blueness of it, and it has a fun shape to it. It is short enough to feel sassy yet long enough to not feel like my butt is hanging out the back!

I was planning on boots but decided on simple pumps when I got downstairs. My art director helped me make the final decision.

I accessorized with some pins I got from QVC a few years ago. It is like a mommy pin and a baby pin!

Ben and I had lunch today at Caribou Coffee. It was a good halfway point for both of us. Today we had vegetarian chili and chips. Good stuff! Check out the vegetarian chili recipe in this month's Cooking Light.

Caribou's fireplace provided the backdrop for today's pictures. It looks so warm and cozy.

Ben was trying to be stealthy taking my pictures; I get so self-conscious thinking people are looking at us!

Off to watch CSI:Miami. For a police show, it makes me laugh!

Thanks for checking in!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Casual Friday and a Date Night

Thank Goodness yesterday was Friday bringing me to today - Saturday!

Yesterday was a particularly stressful day at work, so I was quite happy when the day ended. At about 2pm I sent Ben a text asking if maybe we should go have pizza, salad and wine for dinner. He liked that offer !

We did have lunch together (missed photo opportunity) and then had the dinner date (missed photo opportunity) and finally got home around 8 and I thought, ugh, I need a photo! The downstairs is a disaster, so we headed upstairs.

My favorite Joe Jeans are not looking like my favorite in this picture. I won't say they MMLF (make me look fat for those of you new to the acronym) but there is something wrong about how they decide, but I am keeping the jeans. Harumph! I am sassy this morning, so watch out.

Sassy is another way of saying that every hormone in my body is screaming for attention and I can go from happy to sad to cranky in a matter of seconds. Sigh.

Check out my new tshirt! My BFF Erika went to England to see her new "uzband" (that is my French pronounciation) and brought me back this adorable tshirt! I laughed when I saw the tag - it is part of the new Miley Cyrus collection. Like that kid needs more money! The tshirt is probably the softest tshirt I have ever felt. I guess it is worth that kid making another buck.

The cardigan is from Target 3 years ago. A girl needs her red sweater when you work at Target!

Our date night was lovely. A couple pieces of veggie pizza, a large glass of malbec and a salad shared by the best company a girl could ask for!

This has been a lazy morning thus far. I slept in, finally got up and made oats for breakfast, and then sat down and have been cruising food blogs for recipes to try this weekend. Meanwhile, Ben is cleaning like a maniac. He cleaned the kitchen and when I commented he said "I am just getting the palette ready for more paint." He is so good at cleaning up after me, and getting the kitchen ready for cooking weekends. Left up to me, I would have to find places to put grocery bags on the counter. Now we can actually see the counter.

The only plans so far are to go to Trader Joes. In cleaning out the refrigerator and cabinets last weekend I know what I need more of, and what I don't need more of. I do not need more Roast Beef Hash, Green Chiles or Tuscan Balsamic Vinaigrette. Somehow, however, I have no doubt I will end up with another can or two of chiles. Ben is convinced in the event of disaster, people will be hoarding the green chile. We are ready if they do. Need some? Let me know! (I have 14 cans at the moment!)

I also have a smoked trout in the refrigerator...that might have to be dinner for tonight.

Oh, well, off to torture Ben with more of my sassiness. We will take a freezing cold run (it is 8 degrees with wind chill advisory warnings of -35) then I will shower and dress. It will be a shower but no make up Saturday! Okay, maybe a little mascara and carmex for the lips. Have to keep them unchapped, you know!

Hope your day is great! Thanks for checking in!



Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Hair Looks like Hell!

I read a lot of blogs. I am fairly certain I have never seen that as a post title. I strive for uniqueness, you know.

It is driving me nuts! The hair, that is. 2 more weeks until a trim. Sigh.

I have a TGIF with Kel post to write so I need to make this quick. By the way, if you don't use NM, I made it so you can now go read TGIF without joining the site. Go take a peek at this week's column, won't you?

Today's ensemble came together by accident. I had intended to wear the black turtleneck (from the Gap) and the pants (from Banana Republic) but planned on wearing a long cardigan sweater. I reached for it, but grabbed this coat instead. It was fate.

This coat is from Target and I think it is 2 years old...or is it 3? Sue, you have the same one. How old is it?

I have not worn this coat in a while! It has been so cold here this layer worked out perfectly. This coat is warm enough to wear as a jacket in the late fall, yet is still lightweight enough to wear as a blazer in the winter. It is a brown/white/black tweed. It looks great with jeans. Damn. I should have saved it for tomorrow!

I still hate my hair. How ironic that my column this week talks about being nice to yourself!

Thanks for checking in, if even for a brief moment.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bad Blogger - again!

When your blog is dependent on you having your picture taken every day and then you and the art director for said blog don't get to have lunch together and your schedules don't allow your picture to be taken for the blog...taking in a deep breath to continue...then you feel really really bad and have to simply come on and say friends I am sorry we don't have a picture!

Forgive me?

I can link you to some of what I did wear today though. Hopefully you will accept these substitutes along with my apologies!

I wore the skirt and the boots from this post.

Phew - that was close...I almost wore that same cardigan today! I ended up with an off white corduroy blazer than I got 2 years ago from H&M. Do you have an H&M near you? I have a couple of them I can choose from. Their sizing is iffy; sometimes I blame their sizing in being European instead of admitting that they really are more geared towards juniors. But that is just my opinion!

I also wore a brown turtleneck, and added a long silver chain.

Since there is very little more for me to talk about - work is work, it is still darn cold, and I am in for the rest of the night....I am going to give you a link to someone else's blog. Why on earth would I do this? She is a new follower to Kel's closet, and when I looked at her profile, and read this post, I said YES! She and I happen to share the same opinion on Uggs. Thank you Jocelyn Garrity for writing this. You saved me the time!

Click here to read her post!

Thank you for your honest votes on yesterday's dress. It will be better in the spring - I promise!

Thanks for checking in!



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pardon Our Dust

I found this construction sign particularly entertaining today! Pardon our dust as we upgrade to serve you!

I feel like a construction zone sometimes! What do they do with a construction zone? They tear up an escalator, clean it out, make it look as good as new. I feel like I need to look as good as new.

One thing - my hair. As predicted, you would be hearing about it. The growing out stage is driving me bonkers. I am considering a color or two added next time I go. I need something to feel as good as new.

Today's dress? Let me tell you, I love this dress, but I do not like it in this picture! When I see a picture that is unflattering, to me, I just cringe! Is that how I looked all day? Were people looking at me the way they did because of looking badly? Ugh. I had a feeling when I wore this dress with the tights there would be a clinging issue. I had no idea it would look like this.

This dress is about 2 years old. It is from Banana Republic. Like I said, I love this dress. Hopefully you will be forgiving, and allow me to keep it until spring. If it looks bad then, out it will go!

The shoes? You know I love these, and these are not open for voting! These were the ones my sweet Ben gave me before Christmas. I love that guy! Not just because he buys shoes, of course!

Okay, I take back what I said. Vote on the dress with your heart. If it needs to go, I can take it. I value your honest feedback. I don't have to always agree with it! I always hope my friends will understand my rather honest feedback at times, and I can't have a double standard when it comes to myself!

Are you all surviving the winter? That is another reason to need a remodel. It s bitterly cold here. The thermometer in the car today said -8 on the way to work. I commented to Ben that once it hits 32 degrees, don't bother to report it any more. Cold is cold. I am going to still bundle up just as much whether it is 32 degrees or -8. It is just plain cold.

How nice would San Diego be right now?

Thanks for checking in all!

Please vote below. Leave a comment too. I like comments.



Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to a Routine!

Well. almost.

The photographer forgot his camera today. iPhone to the rescue! Sorry the camera doesn't capture the normal high quality photos you have come to expect!

Where to being after a 2 week blog break?

With the clothes of course!

The black and white jacket was one of my Christmas gifts from Ben. You have seen it before! It is in the video from this post.

The dress underneath is from this post.

My fabulous Betsey Johnson's are from this post.

I think we are getting to the point where you are going to see some repeats more frequently. How do I keep our conversations lively when you already know all of the stories?

I guess I just need to change the subject!

Guess what?


Guess again. No, not that.


Yup, I am going to write a book. Not even about clothes! For those of you that are not here from the Nutrimirror community, here is the announcement that was made last week!

New NM Authors --- Lynn and Kel in 2010
Earlier this week I announced our first book, “Balanced Days, Balanced Lives”, will be released in March, 2010.

Today it is my pleasure to announce that two NM members have agreed to author books for us in 2010. If everything goes to schedule their books will be released in early 2011.

Lynn Matava (Serving Up a Smile columnist) will write about “loving the foods that love you back”. I’m sure we can expect to learn something about ancient grains; maybe, even, we’ll get a recipe for the “chia bon-bons” she’ll be expecting as a guest in the green room of Kel’s hot TV show “Please, Just Kel Me”.

This brings me to our second author, Kel Beaudoin (TGIF with Kel columnist). With her flair for humor and sound advice Kel will be writing about overcoming poor lifestyle choices to successfully manage lives in balance.

As their publisher, I am excited for them and their opportunity. And, I am hopeful their books will be important and help to advance the NM mission --- improving the health of a nation, one body at a time.

I’m sure (more than once) during this challenging process of book writing, they’ll throw life-lines to the NM family through the Journal Room. And, I’m just as sure they’ll get a ton of support and well-wishes.

Lynn Matava is a friend, one that I have yet to meet. We have joked - over emails and internet postings on Nutrimirror, that one day we will meet on Oprah's couch. A girl can dream, right?

Well, we took the dream one step further towards reality with this announcement!

I will continue to post here, but I do hope you will forgive my brevity. I will be doing a lot of writing!
On other fronts, my dog is still sick. She reminds me quite frequently of this, sadly, but I had only asked her to stick around through the holidays. I am looking at everything else as a gift.

Work is picking up right where it left off - busy! I will be going into an intense couple of months; I hope I can keep up this pace. Good thing I get all of my vitamins!

So, to summarize, thank you for your patience through the holidays, and I hope your holidays brought you time with friends and family. I also hope you made a little time for You!

Thanks for checking in!



P.S. Sorry Karyn with the twitchy voting finger - I can't let you vote off a Christmas gift for goodness sake!